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Fun, Inviting Pediatric Dentistry in Yucaipa

Dr. Meghanne at Kindred Pediatric Dentistry understands the importance of comfort and familiarity for children, and she has created a space that’s kid-friendly, and parent-approved. We provide the following dental services in Yucaipa:

Preventive Dentistry - The ADA recommends that you take your child to the dentist every 6 months for dental cleanings and checkups. This keeps oral health problems at bay, keeps their breath fresh, and removes surface stains to keep your child’s teeth white. 

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants can assist with cavity prevention and mouthguards can protect your child’s teeth from damage from teeth grinding or oral injury.

Restorative Dentistry - If your child is dealing with tooth decay or damage, you don’t have to resort to getting their tooth pulled. An extraction should always be a last resort. Our first line of defense for cavities is to treat them with a filling. 

However, if the tooth is infected, your child will need a pulpotomy to remove the source of the infection. Dental crowns may also be needed for additional protection to strengthen the tooth. Some children are born with tongue and lip ties that restrict their movement and cause feeding difficulties. These can be treated with a frenectomy that will prevent speech and feeding problems.

Space Maintainers - Has your child prematurely lost a tooth? Believe it or not, even baby teeth are extremely important to oral health. More than functionality and aesthetics, they prevent the teeth from shifting and maintain space for the permanent tooth to erupt when it’s time. 

Without this tooth, the other teeth will lean into the space and block the eruption of the permanent tooth, causing impaction. By placing a stainless steel oral appliance to hold this space open, our Yucaipa team can prevent these issues.


Expert Care From Dr. Meghanne

It has been Dr. Meghanne’s life-long dream to become a dentist. Heavily influenced by the positive experiences she had as the niece of a dentist and pretending to do her own checkups with her grandparents, dentistry was always in her blood.

With experience in both general and pediatric dentistry, she prefers to work with children because of the rewarding experience of forming positive impressions on dentistry in a child’s formative years.

 This helps them form a positive relationship with dental care and prevents dental anxiety. Dr. Meghanne takes a very hands-on approach, insisting that each child is fully aware of what is going on but only at a child’s level of understanding. Each child will receive individualized, compassionate care. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, she believes in promoting dental education, good oral hygiene, and routine preventative care. 

Dr. Meghanne doesn’t just treat children. She also helps parents understand what diet they should be feeding their child, what they can expect from their child’s teething schedule, and when they should wean their child off of baby bottles and pacifiers.

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Benefits of Going to a Pediatric Dentist In Yucaipa

At Kindred Pediatric Dentistry in Yucaipa, we offer top-notch pediatric dental care. Our office is child-friendly, decorated with fun colors and captivating designs that will catch their eye. A pediatric dentist is a specialist in children’s oral health care. 

We are experts in baby teeth, so you will get the best care imaginable. Why go to a generalist who treats adults when you can see a specialist who has attended additional years of dental school and training to earn their specialization?

We are trained in how to treat patients with dental anxiety, special needs, and orthodontic problems. Our entire team is extremely friendly, helpful, and compassionate. Dr. Meghanne will always take the time to explain things carefully and clearly to your child at a level that they can understand and handle. 

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If your child is due for a routine cleaning and checkup, contact us at Kindred Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Meghanne Kruizenga.