Dental Fillings in Beaumont

Why does my child need a dental filling?

A dental filling is used to restore the structure of the tooth after removing tooth decay or suffering from dental trauma. Fillings are also used after treating an infected tooth with root canal therapy. Fillings are an effective, minimally-invasive restorative option from our Beaumont office that prevent decay from worsening and can save a tooth from extraction. 

Your child’s teeth are important for chewing, speaking, and maintaining space in the mouth for the permanent tooth to erupt. It is important to take care of your child’s baby teeth so they don’t lose the tooth prematurely. 

If this occurs, they will need to get a space maintainer to prevent the other teeth from shifting and blocking the eruption of the permanent tooth.

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Composite resin fillings are applied in layers.

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What to expect at your child’s dental filling appointment

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Your child will need to come in for a consultation with Dr. Kruizenga. An oral exam will be performed and x-rays may be taken to get a closer look at the inside of the tooth.

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Removing decay

After administering local anesthesia, our Beaumont team will use a dental drill to remove decay from the tooth.

tooth etching

After cleaning and drying the tooth, an acid etch gel will be applied to help the bonding process.

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Composite resin

Composite resin is applied in layers and cured with UV light to instantly harden each layer. Additional shaping and contouring can be performed after the filling has hardened and the tooth is then polished.

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What's the difference between composite and amalgam fillings?

At Kindred Pediatric Dentistry, we exclusively use tooth-colored composite resin fillings for superior aesthetics and safety. Unlike silver amalgam fillings which leave a noticeable silver appearance in the mouth, composite fillings match the natural shade of your teeth.

Amalgam fillings also contain mercury, which is not suitable for pregnant women or children with metal allergies. Composite resin does not contain any mercury and requires less removal of the natural tooth enamel than metal fillings. 

We can preserve more of your natural tooth and they can be completed in a single visit at our Beaumont practice. Amalgam fillings take up to 24 hours to harden but composite fillings harden instantly because they are cured with UV light. 

Patients don’t have to wait to eat except for the numbing agent wearing off. Composite fillings also cause less tooth sensitivity compared to amalgam fillings. One drawback of composite fillings is that they are less durable and have a shorter lifespan compared to metal fillings. 

However, since they blend in with your natural teeth, don’t contain mercury, and are still durable, most of our patients prefer composite fillings over silver amalgam.

Did you know…

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Composite resin is the same material used in dental bonding.

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