Pediatric Dental Emergency In Beaumont

What Is Considered a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

Any dental condition that disrupts your child’s tooth’s overall structure, and causes severe pain, and incessant bleeding is a pediatric dental emergency. Dentists categorize these emergencies into two categories. The first is trauma-related emergencies like chips and tooth fractures, while the second is infection-related, like severe dental decay and dental abscesses. Call our Beaumont pediatric dentist for prompt pediatric dental emergency care.

pediatric dental emergency in Beaumont

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common symptom of dental emergencies in children?dental pain is a

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The Emergency Dental Care Treatment Process

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Contacting the Dentist and Initial Assessment

Contacting an emergency dentist marks the first stage of the dental emergency treatment process. During the call, explain the emergency to the dentist on call as clearly as possible, and they’ll schedule an immediate appointment. Once at the dentist, they’ll ask questions about the level of pain and symptoms to understand the nature of the emergency better.

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Examination and Diagnosis

Next, the dentist will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and gums. This might involve X-rays, TMJ tests, and other tests to help diagnose the dental emergency properly. The process culminates in a treatment plan that outlines the treatment options, the procedures for these treatment options, and the costs.

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Emergency Treatment

The dentist will discuss the treatment plan with you, explaining their treatment choice and why it’s best suited for your child’s dental emergency. After, they’ll conduct the emergency treatments as outlined in the treatment plan.

Post-Treatment Care

After treatment, the dentist will send you and your child home with instructions for caring for their teeth and gums until recovery. Recovery takes anywhere from a few days to months, depending on the type of emergency treatment. The dentist might also schedule follow-up appointments to check your child’s healing progress.

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immediate replantation is crucial for the successful reattachment of an avulsed tooth?

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What Should I Do If My Child Has a Loose Tooth?

The best thing to do if your child has a loose tooth is to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist.  A professional tooth extraction by a licensed dentist eliminates the risk of infection and dental complications following a tooth extraction. It’s a much better alternative than pulling the tooth yourself or letting the child do it alone.

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Should I Take My Child to the ER for a Toothache?

Taking your child to the emergency room is unnecessary for a toothache, or at least all toothaches. First, try rinsing your child's mouth with warm salt water and applying a cold compress to the side of the swollen teeth. If that doesn't work, you can use garlic paste or clove oil. Use painkillers as a last resort, and only then can you rush your child to the ER.

Are Dental Emergencies Covered By Insurance?

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Yes, most dental insurance providers cover dental emergencies and after-hours dental care. Furthermore, these insurers charge a standard rate for both emergency and standard care, meaning you don’t have to pay hefty premiums. This is despite the fact that emergency dental care typically costs more than standard care.