Why Does My Child Have Shark Teeth?

An exciting milestone in every child and parent's life is the moment when your little one will replace their baby teeth with their permanent ones. 

One issue that a lot of parents are concerned about and have asked our Beaumont team about during their child's dental appointment is the development of shark teeth.

In this article, we will tell you everything you want to know about shark teeth - why they occur, what can you do about them, and what happens if you do nothing at all. 

What Are Shark Teeth and What Causes Them? 

Shark teeth happen when the permanent teeth emerge before the baby teeth have fallen out. As a result, your child will have two rows of teeth, and understandably, you may be worried about this. 

When the permanent teeth are ready to emerge, they will start dissolving the baby teeth's roots. In time, baby teeth will become loose and fall and the permanent teeth will erupt in the exact same spot. 

However, there are cases when the baby tooth root simply doesn't dissolve and the tooth doesn't fall out. But, because the permanent tooth still has to come out, it will find another way, usually behind the baby teeth. 

This condition is called ectopic eruption and although it can be worrisome for parents, it's quite common and manageable. 

Should I Be Worried About Shark Teeth? 

It's normal to be worried every time your child doesn't hit the usual milestones. Generally, shark teeth shouldn't be a cause of concern as the problem can be resolved (either in time, by itself, or with the help of a dentist). 

For your peace of mind, it's best to discuss this with a Beaumont dentist and let them examine your child's mouth and let you know if you should just wait this out or intervene. 

What Can Be Done About Shark Teeth? 

In most cases, the baby's teeth will start wiggling and eventually fall. If the tooth feels a bit loose, ask your child to wiggle it a bit a few times every day. Eventually, the tooth will fall and the permanent one can take its place. But, if the root seems strong and the tooth doesn't wiggle at all, you can schedule a dentist appointment and have the tooth extracted. 

What If I Do Nothing About It? 

If the baby teeth don't fall in time, there is a chance that the adult ones won't have a lot of gum tissue to support them. This issue can be solved when they are older with a gingival graft but we advise you to take care of it as soon as possible. 

Worried About Shark Teeth? Get in Touch! 

It's normal to be worried every time something doesn't seem right about your child's oral health. If you noticed that your kid's permanent teeth are erupting before the baby ones have fallen out, get in touch with Kindred Pediatric Dentistry and we will find the best solution for your particular situation. 

Contact us now to book your appointment with Kindred Pediatric Dentistry in Beaumont. 

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